12 octobre 2015

Nagle's algorithm workaround with websockets

Finally found a workaround for the random 200-300ms latency problem that would make MIDI playing practically useless from the app. I isolated the problem in this project : https://github.com/valsteen/socketio-nagle-experiment

Tried 3 approaches :
  • send ack from server after each client message
  • send filler packets each 10ms from client
  • send filler packets each 10ms from server
Conclusion on chrome for android, same wifi network:
  • without any strategy, pure client->server data, about 25% of the messages come with a latency > 50ms
  • with acks from server after each client message: unexpectedly gives no significant change
  • with filler packets each 10ms from server to client: actually great! 0% messages over 50ms. Average latency 4.47 which is great
  • filler packets from client to server each 10ms gives similar results
I applied this trick on the control surface app, with some fine-tuning because the browser tends to be overwhelmed if I send packets each 10ms. So the trick is this: if I use MIDI ( because I'm playing on an instrument widget or an USB MIDI device is plugged into the tablet ), I send filler packets each 50ms for maximum one second after the last MIDI note was sent. This tricks the algorithm which, I guess, sees those messages as being responses, triggering the immediate flush of the send buffer.

Here is how I fixed it in my app, if it can help anyone with a similar problem : https://github.com/valsteen/ableton-live-html5-control-surface/commit/43551ef5d32c7fe5a4af7e15b66d6ee7f2d1410b

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