18 novembre 2015

Windows compatibility fixes and enveloppe & pitch bend demo

I didn't show all the possibilities yet, so here is another demo showing the enveloppe editing in action and a keyboard made of faders which can be used for pitchbend or aftertouch.

I still got to document all the available components and in general how to customize the app, not a small task.

Also, I updated the html5 control surface to make sure it's windows compatible. I had to change the communication layer once again, because linking binaries is not an option on windows ( it depends on python25.dll, while the interpreter is statically compiled into Ableton Live ), and will not be possible at all according to the changes made in current Live beta, which comes with python 2.7 with all binary loading features disabled : pyd stripped off, the module loader has apparently been customized to ignore .pyd/.so files, and ctypes won't load.

So I'm back to a more traditional and verbose protocol : plain newline-separated json requests through a TCP socket between the node server and the control surface script. At this level I can disable nagle's algorithm, and the two components being on the same machine, the latency is negligible. I used the oldschool asyncore module which is quite not as cool as ZeroMQ bindings and asyncio, but it's just available builtin and simple enough.